12 Angry Men Analysis

I just watched 12 angry men, the photography did not impress me. They could have used more up close shots like the did if the old man juror 9.
The script was good I kept watching it only because it was well written.
To me the kid was innocent as it was about killing his father, that either he had tried it before or he never would have returned back to the house. Without a confession I would not believe he did it.
I wonder how many people are found guilty by juries who like the movie will vote without tearing apart the evidence they saw in court, that they rely on the lawyers to do their job. If a defending lawyer thinks his client is guilty and puts in a poor defence how can you get justice, to many people are lazy and pick the path of least resistance, there are more people like juror 7 who changed his vote once he saw the majority swing. As bell curves go I think he is the majority of people.
It is a must see film, I surprised I had not seen it earlier.

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