Day #19 – post about your first childhood memory

My first experience is similar to this posts first, it is of me playing in sand that was being used to extend the family home, which helped my mum to date it that I was 2, the next is playing under a tree at school, then the rest seem to flow on from there.


I’m not 100% sure that my first memory is real. But it’s been my first memory for a very long time. Its always possible that now it’s a memory only because I remember remembering it, and it’s only very short. A tiny flash. But anyway. Since its tiny, and I’m not entirely convinced of its authenticity, I’ll tell you about my second one, too.

For many years I have had a brief memory of being in a t-shirt from a play place I used to go to, holding onto a table, and blowing out a cake, laughing. That’s the only flash of it I have, like a fragment from a dream. When I eventually asked my mum about this memory, several years ago now, she told me it was from my second birthday party.

My second memory is one of moving house. Although I have flashes and blurry images of…

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